Tiffany L. Berryman is a former YES Network TV Personality who still believes in the mystical power of the curveball. She has survived stints as an entertainment publicist, high-school English teacher, and college writing instructor (all of which have provided fodder for her writing). 

When not writing, Berryman serves as a creative soul coach and writing mentor, where she relishes the opportunity to help others find their authentic voice while strengthening her own. 

Berryman is co-creator of mybookship.com and has an MA in Theology from Georgian Court University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a concentration in the young adult genre. 

Happily sharing her creative journey on social media as she writes the next chapter and tries to dispel the great myths of New Jersey, she typically prefers her Maltipoo, Merlin, to most humans, but promises not to bite if you follow her on twitter @TiffyInspired.

 Most recently, her short story “The Fall of Light” was published in the YA Anthology What Doesn’t Kill You by Indomita Press

Contact her to learn more about her creative coaching and writing mentor services.

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