Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lifeguard On Duty?

When it comes to maintaining the creative flow and writing an authentic scene, I love to use photographs for inspiration. The pictures allow me to visually tap into the plethora of senses that my characters are experiencing and the story usually benefits in so many ways. Many writers live inside their own heads, always spinning ideas around and around. We need to attack life, taste the flavors, and smell the sensuality to guard against becoming social shut-ins. When I am lacking for a real life muse or needing to explore the unknown, I love to snap pictures to jump start the process.

The visual stimulation for today is this alert seagull, keeping watch while the lifeguard on duty apparently takes a break. We’ve all had moments when we felt like the lifeguard stand in our own lives was empty but perhaps those are the times when we need to overcome fear and just jump right into the water. Having faith in the magic of a blank page is a lot like swimming in uncharted waters….hope you brought your bathing suit!

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